Thursday, January 21, 2010

nothing to blog about

I feel like I have had nothing to blog about the last week or so. I am biding my time until I go see the RE on Monday. I am nervous, excited, and expectant (not in the good way). We have no idea what to expect from this visit but we are praying that it gets the ball rolling on a new treatment plan.

I went to see my sister in Alabama this past weekend, with my Dad for his birthday. It was a great trip but way too short. I overheard him talking to my Grandmother while we were up there about DH and I going to the RE. What I didn't overhear was what exactly he told her, if you ever want anyone to know something you tell my Grandmother. I got a call from my cousin yesterday and she didn't even say hello the first words out of her mouth were

"Is there something you want to tell me"

"Not that I am aware of, why what did you hear?"

"You are going to a fertility clinic Monday to be artificially inseminated and your Dad is paying for half and your in-laws are paying for the other half"

"Oh really, let me guess who you heard that from. . ." 

I don't know how my Dad got all that from me saying we have a consultation with an RE on Monday. Wow he is going to pay half and my in-laws are paying the other half! I hope that part of the story was true. Jeez you would think I would have been told that. I had to set her straight and I am sure everyone in Alabama thinks I am being inseminated on Monday, whatever.

It is going to be a very long 3 more days, thank God my weekend is chock full of things to do and hopefully it will fly by.

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