Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shopping and dinner with Mom

I had the best day with my Mom today, we went shopping all day and then came back to my house and made Julia Child's meatloaf recipe with Mashed Potatoes and Cornbread casserole (courtesy of Mom). We went to Crate and Barrel, that just opened, first and then to the mall. We got inspired at Crate and Barrel to set up the table in a fancy way (see pictures below). It was really nice being able to spend the whole day together, it wasn't the same without my sister there to make it an officials girl's outing but a great day none the less. So here are some pictures of our table and the meatloaf. It may not look as good as it tastes but man I don't think I will make old fashioned Meatloaf ever again. I definitely recommend Julia's!!! I know this post is off topic but I had to share. There will be more TTC news this week I am sure. Till then, Bon Appetit!

Our table setting inspired by Crate and Barrel

The product

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