Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IVF #1: T-minus 12 days

I say IVF #1 because we are doing the multiple cycle plan but hopefully that is the only one. T-minus 12 days and counting until I start the Lupron! 

We had our ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) class yesterday morning. We were there for 3 hours going over our calendar, medications and protocols. We got to practice mixing and giving each medication I will be taking; on a pillow not on me. They filled all the vials and cartridges with saline and we could do it as many times as we felt comfortable. The Captain really enjoyed stabbing the pillow with the 1 inch long Progesterone needle. Oh Lord, help me! I think he enjoyed it a little too much. But I think he missed his calling, he should have gone into medicine; I was very impressed at how careful he was to make sure all the air bubbles got out and that it was measured just perfectly in the syringe. This was just practice! I am very proud of him.

After the class I spoke with one of the coordinators about the Follistim I already have; although I have the right amount of drugs I only have 5 needles and I will need 10. I told her about it to see if I could add them to my order; she left the room and came back with a brown paper bag full of Follistim Pen needles for FREE.

All of my other meds will be arriving today! 

Our protocol - 

Name: Meldrum Protocol
Drugs: Lupron, Follistim, Menopur, Medrol, Doxicyclene (sp), HCG & Progesterone in oil
Egg Retrieval: September 21, 2010 *estimated date
Egg Transfer: September 26, 2010 *estimated 5 day transfer

If anyone else is taking Doxicyclene as their antibiotic Publix gives that prescription for FREE. Yes folks I said FREE. 

4 lovely notes from friends:

kayee August 18, 2010 at 4:22 PM  

That's so exciting! You and I are in the same boat!!! I'll be stimming starting Sept 5th, proposed ER Sept 16th and ET Sept 19-21! I'm crossing my fingers for both of us!!! This has to be it!

Life in UK August 21, 2010 at 8:53 PM  

Congrats!! I started my down regulation on Aug-20th... I am already feeling the effects of it.. Ugh, but it is only for 2-3 weeks right? SO I am plugging away, LOL! What day do you start?

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