Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby shower madness

Our co-ed baby shower was on Sunday and I couldn't have asked for a better party. It was more than I ever dreamed of. We had so much fun! The shower was at our house so everyone got to see the nursery and we just hung out and enjoyed the company. The Captain ordered a pony keg (80 beers instead of 150) and they drank the whole thing, I couldn't believe it. We are so fortunate to have such amazing friends and family. We truly felt so blessed that night after everyone left. My sister and my best friend (other sister) stayed up until midnight rifling through everything and putting most of it away, packing the diaper bag and trying out the Snap'N'Go Stroller my Mom got us. I almost pee'd my pants watching my sister try and put the car seat back in the base, she needs some practice. After about 5 minutes I finally told her she was trying to put it in backwards. buwhaahahha. Here are some of the pictures from Sunday.

 A yummy, yummy cake from Publix. Our invitations had the saying "One Fish, Two Fish & Baby Boy Blue Fish" on them. My extremely talented friend Jenni designed the invitations; I highly suggest checking out her website Firefly Inviations and page.

 Definitely a Chick Magnet on board!

 Unscrambling baby words is a lot harder than you think

 Classic Jimmy! Tami made the boys race drinking beer out of baby bottles. He squeezed his a little too hard. 

 That's my Mom in the background trying to explain the ribbon game to Jimmy

 He gets a hug and a kiss because he was about 6 inches too short. I love this man.

 I don't think I have to tell you that's my sister. 

 My two sisters. What would I ever do without them?

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kayee April 21, 2011 at 9:18 AM  

looks like you had a ton of fun! You look amazing! BTW - I just bought that dress a few days ago for a garden wedding this weekend. :)

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