Monday, April 4, 2011

Braxton Hicks

For the past week I am sure I have been experiencing some Braxton Hicks contractions. They aren't everyday but I can tell when my belly gets really hard and tight that I am having one. I thought they would be painful but they aren't. They just make me really uncomfortable. I am getting to practice breathing through it though and so far it works.

On another note, we have our first childbirth class tonight with a doula; she offers a 3 week private class. The group of doulas are from For the Love of Birth and they are in Tarpon Springs. I am excited because they are familiar with Hypnobabies  and will use the Hypnobabies terminology during the class. I think the private class will help The Captain feel more comfortable and not be too embarrassed to ask questions and such. We have watched a birthing documentary before so I know he knows what to expect but he doesn't know any of the technical stuff; such as what is a mucus plug? When do we head to the hospital? How to time contractions? etc. I can't wait to fill you in tomorrow on how it goes. Wish us luck!

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