Thursday, July 2, 2009

New game plan

I went to the doctor on Monday and I just want to say I love her, she is a fabulous OB. She has been so helpful and supportive through the whole TTC. She gave me a script for DH's SA so that he doesn't have to go through his doctor. She said as soon as we get that back she wants to put me on a low dose of Clomid. "Clomid is a widely used ovulation induction drug and is frequently a first line infertility treatment. It is administered by obstetrician gynecologists and reproductive endocrinologists, infertility specialists." I showed her my last 3 charts and my O date moves every month. Even this month I thought it would be cd 11 but that was yesterday and no +opk. I didn't think I wanted to go to meds as a way to conceive but now I am open to anything. Shoot, we already do silly things like, propping hips up after bding, eating 5 bananas a day, and dh has switched to boxers, so why not Clomid too. I am happy that we have a new game plan and I have a new sense of hope.

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Jen July 6, 2009 at 7:30 AM  

ha! i love it... eating 5 bananas a day... i've been eating them since ttc too :-)

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