Thursday, February 4, 2010

My uterus wants a baby

I want it, my husband wants it and now I know my uterus wants it too. I just got home a little while ago from visiting my friends and there, too adorable for his own good, son. I swear I was not home 2 minutes and aunt flow decided to come into town. Normally at this time I would be crying and enjoying several glasses of wine, not anymore. I know my uterus decided it is time to get this ball rolling, I needed her to show so that we can have the HSG done and then our first IUI!!!

Don't worry I am not thinking it is going to happen on the first try. I mean we thought that 2 years ago when we started trying naturally. See how well that turned out. Since today is starting a new chapter on this journey I thought I would give you the stats on the last two years of trying naturally, hopefully the next set will be a lot fewer numbers.

1,440 prenatal vitamins

99 negative pregnancy tests peed on

90 fertility vitamins for men

55 ovulation predictor kits peed on

22 months of actively trying to conceive

18 months of charting my temperature

0 condoms

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