Saturday, April 17, 2010


We may not be successful at growing a baby but damn we are good gardeners. At least there is something that we are good at getting to reproduce. Mangos! The Captain got this hair brained idea to grow a mango tree from the Mango seed of the fruit he was eating. We have been very successful at getting our little seed to sprout and he is growing strong. 

These are the Mangos that I bought at the market and the little seed came from

we put the little guy in a souffle cup of water for a few days until it sprouted

Can you see the little sprout coming out the end of it? Now it is time to plant it in some soil.

We dug a small hole about 2 inches down and must keep it watered all the time. Roughly a week later there it is, our little tree. Can you see it? It is a little off center toward the bottom of the pot.

Two weeks after planting it in the soil. Isn't it beautiful. We created a life! Grow little guy grow!

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