Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Is this a gift?

My husband and I are infertile, that is what Doctors classify us as, and with this title comes many struggles and setbacks. Are they gifts though? Why not? Our struggle makes us different, it makes us better. Setbacks teach us and shape us and I realized how different The Captain and I would be without them. So, maybe I should start thinking about our infertility as a gift.

A gift that has brought us the closest we have ever been. I know now without a doubt that we can make it through any thing life throws us. We already have. We are still getting through one of the darkest times in our marriage, our lives. I wonder who we would be without this gift. Would we be grateful for the children we would have by now? Or resent them for taking away our freedom? I can better understand others pain because I myself have felt it. Why is it so hard for us to see that our setbacks are gifts?

Setbacks, we face them everyday, every week, every month. Some make us stumble. Others bring us to our knees. Each setback brings the opportunity to rise up, to be stronger, better, and braver than before. That is exactly what I plan to do!

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The Millers April 22, 2010 at 10:07 AM  

I love your outlook! So often we have formed this life of ours to be so devastating because of all the dissapointments and setbacks. You are very true, there is even good in IF. Some days impossible to see, but they are there.

Thank you for the upbeat and positive post!

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