Friday, April 30, 2010

Off to Tally. . .

You've got to fight, fight, fight for FSU,
You've got to scalp 'em Seminoles.

My sister in law is graduating from FSU tomorrow so we are off to Tally to celebrate. The whole family is going. Tallahassee watch out! I am so proud of my sister in law, she is the only sibling to graduate from college. It will be a big day for her parents tomorrow too. She already has the whole trip planned out for us.

You've got to win, win, win, win, win this game,
And roll on down and make those goals.

We are driving up after the restaurant closes tonight. It is the last day of the month so that means INVENTORY. Ugh! We won't be on the road until 1:00 am which means won't get to Tally until 4:00 am, maybe later. The Captain's brother is driving up with us so at least I can sleep the whole way. :)

For FSU is on the warpath now,
and at the battles end she's great.

Tomorrow her class is graduating at 2:00 pm so we will have brunch before and then dinner after. After dinner we are bar hopping. I am so excited! The last time we did this was in New York last year but it was just the girls and we had a blast. We get to show the boys how it's done!

So fight, fight, fight, fight to victory,
The Seminoles of Florida State.

I am expecting a hangover for the drive home Sunday. . .

Florida State, Florida State, Florida State!

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