Friday, June 4, 2010

IVF Consultation

I am going through a million emotions right now after our consultation this morning. Excitement, sadness, anger and grief to name a few. More on those later. 

We get to Dr.T's office and the first thing he says to us is "so you two have been misbehaving, you were supposed to be an easy case. You are not being easy". "Shaa nothing about our TTC journey has been easy". The biggest thing is that The Captain's sperm is getting better and better and we still aren't pregnant therefore he doesn't think we are male infertility factor anymore. So it is either something with me that we just aren't seeing or unexplained infertility. I am thinking it is the latter. He basically gave us 3 options to choose from.

1. We do another 2-3 IUI cycles using Gonal-f cycle  with an HCG trigger. This means lots of blood work and ultrasound monitoring. Total cost per cycle approx. $2,000. (if they don't work we will have spent $6,000 for no baby)

2. He says there is about a 50/50 chance I have endometriosis (sp?). I have zero symptoms of this. I do not believe this is the cause of our infertility. So option 2 is to do a Laparoscopy & Hysterscopy to see what is going on in there. Then do more IUI's (I feel in my heart and soul that this is not the case so I feel surgery is a waste of money)

3. IVF (total cost $12,000) he said that I am a candidate to donate half of my eggs so that way we would be splitting the cost of the IVF in half. I just don't know how I feel about that. 

I am excited that we chose option 3. We explained that we are tired of throwing our money at IUI's and they aren't working. We could be putting that money toward IVF since we feel we will end up here anyway. He understood and agreed. I am sad that this means that sex is definitely out of the equation of conceiving our child. At least with the IUI's we have intercourse on top of it so we could believe that we conceived the old fashioned way. (that makes sense in my head) I am angry that this has to be our journey, it seems we can just never catch a break with anything. The moment we get ahead there is a roadblock. I hate it. I hate infertility.

We didn't schedule anything since I still have 2 weeks to go for this cycle anyway. I have to talk with the IVF coordinator and the billing coordinator to figure out the funding of this. We will do the shared risk program, of that I am sure. Which means we will pay for 3 at a discounted rate and if we aren't successful then we will get back 90% of our money. On June 15th we are attending there 2 hour IVF class. This road has been so long, we are ready to get to the end and start a new journey the one called parenthood. 

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Jessica June 5, 2010 at 9:53 AM  

Congrats on making this difficult decision!!!

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