Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A twin story

Since I could possibly be having twins, some of you might be having twins and some of you do have twins, I thought it would be a good idea to share a twin story coming from a twin. How many times did I just say the word twins?

I think some of you know that I am an identical twin. I don’t talk about her much but I think I should; she is my world. I cannot breathe without her. We know each other like the backs of our hands and I just pray that our twins are the same way.

She moved away last year to be with a boy. Not just any boy, the love of her life, one of my husband’s best friends. Now they live in D.C. and I can’t wait to visit her. But that is not the story; the story is about the freakiness of being a twin. You hear stories on TV about twins who have never met but have the same haircut, same clothes and marry a guy with the same name, things like that, right? This is not fake and it probably does happen. For example, her boyfriend and my husband’s nickname in high school was the twin towers because they are both over 6 feet tall and look a lot alike. Getting back to the story. . .

Sunday night I randomly texted my sister to tell her I was making “Savory Lemon Chicken” for dinner. We found this Campbell’s soup recipe several years ago and it is super easy to make and delicious. Five minutes later I get a call from her.

Amanda “Which Lemon Chicken are you making?”

Me “The Campbell’s recipe”

Amanda “Whoa! I am making that for dinner tonight too”

We went on to talk about how we both sat down Sunday afternoon and made a weekly dinner menu and then went grocery shopping. Neither one of us has ever planned our grocery shopping around a menu plan but it seemed like the organized thing to do that day. Out of the hundreds of recipe we share we both turned to that one and thought it sounded good to make for dinner that night. Freaky!

Things like that happen all the time. We will text my Dad the same thing at the same time, a lot. It totally freaks him out. I don’t think these things happen just because we are close but because we are twins. I know a lot of close siblings and they don’t have these freaky occurrence. Her ears are probably burning right now and she will probably call me in five minutes wanting to know if I just blogged about her.

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