Wednesday, November 24, 2010

11 weeks!

I decided I need to start organizing my updates a little better since I am coming out of my pregnancy brain induced fog. I am thinking a lot clearer these days. No more milk in the pantry instead of the fridge fiascoes. I am taking a cue from some other ladies about how to organize my weekly update feelings/thoughts. 

11 weeks! Holy freaking cow! I can't believe we are here already. It is going by way too fast and not fast enough at the same time. Our little peanut is now the size of a lime. He also no longer has webbed hands and feet! Our little peanut should be able to open and close his fists and is moving around quite a bit in his roomy womb; even though I won't get to feel him for quite some time.

Best moment of the week: Honestly it's being able to come off of the progesterone. No more meds! And no more shoving things up my lady chute every morning. Hallelujah!

Epiphany of the week: "I'm pregnant so let me have the last bowl of ice cream" ok not really an epiphany but I really wanted the ice cream.

Entertaining question/comment of the week: My hard drive went kaput yesterday at work and my boss's wife was trying to be helpful (insert sarcasm) and she says to me "Maybe it just doesn't like pregnant women" huh?

Obsessions?: Belly photos and wondering if I am just really bloated all the time or if this is the beginning of a baby bump?

What I am most looking forward to this week: Thanksgiving! I get to eat, eat and eat some more and no one can say anything because they are all doing the same thing.

What I miss the most: I have to say that so far I really miss red wine. There is something about getting together with your girlfriends drinking wine and chatting. I used to love having a glass of wine and take a hot bath while reading a good book at the same time.

Symptoms: Still nothing too drastic; the bloating, peeing more often and the sleepiness. But I think the tiredness is easing up because I actually stayed awake past 10:00 all week. Go me!

Milestones: Baby is now the proud new owner of non-webbed fingers and toes. Yay for not being a fish with a tail anymore! And now his little legs are kicking like mad to match his movable arms. Of course, I won't be able to feel this for some time but it's pretty sweet to think the baby is mobile now.

3 lovely notes from friends:

Kelly November 24, 2010 at 10:23 AM  

That's an awesome bump! Have a great Thanksgiving!

kayee November 24, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

YAY!!! So exciting!! And I just got off prog this week too! It was wonderful!! I love your little bump - I think it's def there. Have a wonderful day tomorrow - eat tons of goodies!

Life in the UK November 28, 2010 at 8:46 PM  

LOVE the baby bump!!! So darn cute!!

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