Wednesday, March 16, 2011

27 weeks

I am feeling every bit of 27 weeks pregnant this week. My ankles are back to be swollen and they hurt when I try to roll them or touch them. I am sure the weight gain this week is all water retention. I am really enjoying watching him move my belly as he moves. Something embarrassingly funny is that last night he was kicking so hard he was actually making my boob bounce up and down. Yes, they have gotten that big. I prefer not to talk about it.

My first baby shower is next Saturday! I will be driving home to Pensacola for it. I hope my Mom doesn't mind stopping every half hour for me to pee. I can't wait to get there and see all the cute baby stuff I get to bring home. I tear up just thinking about the fact that I am actually having my very own baby shower. This is such a dream come true.

Best Moment of the week: Watching my belly move as he is kicking me. It makes it all that much more real.

Epiphany of the week: Water retention is painful. Period.

Entertaining question/comment of the week: So, what cup size are you now? I don't think that is anyone's business except the woman at the lingerie store fitting me for my new nursing bra.

Obsessions: Finishing the nursery. Hopefully sometime next week I will be able to finally take some pictures.

What I am most looking forward to this week: Getting fitted for nursing bras. A friend of mine told me about this manufacturer HotMilk, they have beautiful, lacy nursing bras for even big chested women. There is a local store that sells them. Check out their website.

What I miss the most: Nothing I am loving pregnancy this week.

Symptoms: Besides having swollen ankles my back is starting to hurt pretty regularly. It's more of a tired ache than a pain.

Milestones: Baby's lungs are going through some major developments these days, which (combined with the opening of previously plugged nostrils) means he's now able to practice inhaling and exhaling. The lack of air in your womb means every "breath" is filled with amniotic fluid, but hey -- it's progress. *Courtesy of

2 lovely notes from friends:

Our Big Adventure!! March 16, 2011 at 7:48 PM  

I'm feeling you on the whole ankle thing, or what I lake to say cankles. I am too embarrassed to wear shorts and it is SO HOT!! So I am into long dresses to cover mine up, LOL! Can't wait to see you on Saturday!!

kayee March 17, 2011 at 10:46 AM  

I love that you can see your man move!!! that is so exciting!!! And I can't wait to hear about your shower!!! YAY!

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