Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AF where are you? (results from PD too)

This will probably be a long post so bear with me. Af has not arrived, FF says today is the day yet there is no sign of her arrival. My temps went back up today, wth is going on? I am so confused this cycle. I am so afraid to test. I would so rather see that Biatch then a stark white stick anyday. After 100 of them it gets a little old. Please look at my chart and tell me what you think. From what I can tell it doesn't resemble any past charts, AF usually starts the day of the drop, hmpfh

DH visited the lovely PD (penis doctor) today and he had to give me some news first:

Dh says "oh guess what Dr. Z had an intern with him today"

Me "oh that's cool, I guess"

DH "yeah, it was a girl (pause) and he wanted to see my balls again, this is the funnest day ever" hint of sarcasm

Hee! Well by the time we have a baby do you know how many people are going to see my vajay-jay. Anyway, the first SA he had done everything was normal except low sperm count of 2 million, normal is 20 million or so. He had to do 2 more 2 weeks apart with being on new male fertility vitamins. The first one everything normal count went up to 4 million (yay doubled still low) last weeks was 4.1 million. EVEN HIGHER! So the vitamins are working. Now has to have a boat load of blood work done to see if there are hormonal reasons. After all that is done then we should move to IUI and do a testicle biopsy at that time. So it looks like my plan to go see the RE next month won't be happening. He goes back Dec 4th to get the results of all the blood work, I pray that it is an easy fix or that I am pregnant and we can forget about all this non-sense. Wish me luck.

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