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How I plan on using Hypnobabies for childbirth

I first want to apologize, I had every intention of doing a recap after every week of my Hypnobabies course. Things got so busy it just never happened. I have loved listening to the CD's every night and practicing the techniques I will be using on my birthing day. I feel so calm and confident about giving birth. The main thing Hypnobabies does is train your subconscious to think in a different, positive way. After listening to the Fear Clearing Session the other night I am even more ready.

Here are some possibilities on how I plan on using Hypnobabies during my birthing time. I also put together a little cheat sheet The Captain can refer to throughout our birthing time.

Once I start feeling regular pressure waves (contractions) I will know that my birthing time has begun or could be coming really soon. I will get something to eat and drink if it is daytime or I will go to sleep if it is night time. If things fizzle out I may do some chores to keep me busy, like bake brownies for the nurses at the hospital. Try and win them over with sweets.

While I am doing things or resting in bed I will put on the "Birthing Day Affirmations" track aloud or with headphones, if The Captain is sleeping. This track is meant to help me stay positive and get in the right mindset. I am not supposed to listen to this track until after 38 weeks, it has very suggestive language and can send me into labor early.

If things are indeed progressing then I can put on the "Fear Clearing" track I mentioned above. It is meant to help address and release any fears or concerns that are still lingering about. HypnoBabies suggests listening to this track early to quell any anxiety or issues that might slow your labor. We are planning on laboring as long as we can at home before heading to the hospital, since that is where I will be the most comfortable. I do plan on laboring in the tub, but not delivering, at the hospital but you can't get into the tub until you are 5 cm.

One of my favorite tracks is titled "Relax Me" and that is exactly what it does. I may listen to this while The Captain is packing the car. I can cycle through any of the CD tracks that I feel comfortable with as my pressure waves get stronger and closer together. Once I need to begin to consciously relax through them I will then turn to using my finger-drop technique using cue words like "release" and "peace" and moving my mental light switch to the off position.

Hypnobabies teaches you to imagine a light switch on the back of your neck. When it is in the off position it creates a conditioned response that allows me to instantly enter a deep state of hypnosis and relaxation. Sensations of pain are reduced or eliminated. If I want to open my eyes and move around I turn the switch to the center position and I can now move freely.

I will visualize and tell my body to open, open, open and that I welcome each pressure wave, which brings me closer to meeting my son.

At this point I may not know what I need, whether it be music, quiet or a specific track. I may want The Captain to read me a script. It's hard to say, we will have to just roll with it.

I have a "Pushing Baby Out" track that should be listened to aloud once it comes time to push. I will preview it so I know what is on it before the big day.

Just like athletes mentally prepare for any big game or competition, childbirth is no different. It is as much mental work as it is physical. I'm going to pull a cheesy quote out for you "What the mind can believe, the body can achieve"

I can't wait to meet my son! Only a few weeks left to go!

3 lovely notes from friends:

The Tiny Team May 26, 2011 at 4:05 PM  

We didn't hyponobirthing, it totally helped! Does it teach you to "breath the baby down?" I totally did that in between contractions while pushing and it worked like a charm!

Yay! Birthing is amazing!


Anna May 26, 2011 at 7:01 PM  

OMG I totally want to do hypnobirth! Where did you get your materials? I'm curious about whether or not you took a class or bought a training kit. I'm trying to decide what to do myself. I have looked and looked for a kit on ebay but keep getting outbid at the last minute!

Erin May 31, 2011 at 5:06 PM  

Anna - I got my materials from I figured it was worth the money since I am not having a doula. I would also suggest downloading the free extra MP3's from Hypnobabies website.

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