Sunday, May 8, 2011

Maternity pics :)

Well I can cross one thing off my to-do list and that is take maternity pictures. My wonderful brother-in-law asked his roommate, who is a professional photographer, if we would do it for us. He basically charged us nothing in the world of photography. We went yesterday and I already have all the proofs and edited photos. I want to show you a little sneak of how they turned out, I am really happy with them. It was important for me to get this done since there is no guarantee I will ever get to experience this again. I want to immortalize this moment in our lives forever. The Captain was right when he said that once we got pregnant there would be so much joy that all the pain is in the past. That is true even though I still live with it everyday it is not at the forefront of my emotions anymore. Everyday I get a little bit stronger and count the months since I haven't cried.

Happy Mother's Day to all you new mommies, veteran mommies and mommies to be!

P.S. I got a Coach purse from The Captain! He knows me all too well. . .

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